Sven Faulconer

Sven Faulconer is a Los Angeles-based composer for film and television. He learned the ropes of film scoring under his mentor James Newton Howard, earning him additional music credits on movies like ‘Nightcrawler,’ the ‘Hunger Games’ series and ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.’ After that, he moved on independently and in 2016 built his own studio in Culver City.

His score for the National Geographic documentary ‘The Last Ice’ was nominated for a Critics Choice Documentary Award in 2020 and his original approach in independent productions has resulted in numerous scores with a very distinctive character, including the score for the Emmy-nominated National Geographic documentary ‘Into the Okavango,’ Jean-François Richet’s film ‘Blood Father,’ ‘Wanderland’ and ‘Assimilate.’ In addition to his own projects, he’s been a reliable and frequent collaborator on other projects, earning him additional music credits for composers like Rupert Gregson-Williams (additional music on ‘Aquaman,’ ‘Catherine the Great’ and ‘Abominable’), Lorne Balfe (additional music on ‘Ad Astra,’ ‘Gemini Man,’ ‘Bad Boys for Life’ and ‘Black Widow’), Steve Jablonsky (additional music on ‘Bloodshot’), James Newton Howard (composer on ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’), Harry Gregson-Williams and Henry Jackman.

Beginning formal music training at age 8, Sven showed an early knack for improvisation and was soon writing his own pieces. Over the years he became a passionate clarinet player and performed a number of solo concertos with symphonic orchestra. His studies took him on an exciting journey starting in Ghent, later moving to Rome to conclude his academic career in Los Angeles at the renowned UCLA Film Scoring Program.